23 December 2016

santaFor many of us today is the last working day before the festive break begins, the night before the Christmas break, so how are you spending it?

Whilst at UKFast we always take time out of the day to clean the office ready for the New Year on the last day before Christmas, it is also one of our most productive times. It is an opportunity to catch up on the small jobs that build up when you’re busy – the small jobs that don’t shout as loud as others, that are often overlooked but can build up into a huge distraction.

As you may know, goals are an important part of both my personal and professional life. The end of the year is the perfect time to look at how you’ve done with your goals for the year and what you would like to aim for in the year ahead.

Invariably, as we progress through the week, offices are becoming increasingly empty but that shouldn’t mean you lose momentum. Rather than sitting back, find those tasks that are overlooked, make the call you’ve been putting off, write a blog, and spend time with others. There is still so much more that can be done.

That being said, once the clock chimes and you’re on your way home, that’s when you switch off. Time out is just as important as the busy times. Without rest and a moment of calm, you quickly become overwhelmed and can easily burn out.

So this Christmas, make sure you draw a line; take some time to rest and enjoy family time, ready to return to the office refreshed and ready to go!

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