26 December 2016

As I sit down this morning, waiting for the world to wake up after yesterday’s festivities I can’t help but think of the families who were able to celebrate Christmas thanks to charities across our country and the hard work that they do.

Of course, this is the ‘time for giving’ but it is easy to forget to give to people outside of your immediate circle, or you simply don’t have the facilities to do so.

For the past few years, we’ve sponsored and supported the Bauer charity Cash for Kids’ campaign, Mission Christmas. This campaign asks for people to buy one extra gift to donate – a toy appeal on a mass scale.

Just before the Christmas break, we revealed the grand total raised by the campaign; it was extraordinarily emotional. Together, we raised more than £2.8 million – that’s presents for more than 61,000 children in need in Manchester. Whilst it doesn’t change the overall situation for the one in three children in Manchester living in poverty, it does mean that these families are able to celebrate one of the most special times of the year.

I can’t imagine not being able to give my children the experience of Santa delivering gifts on Christmas morning. Thanks to these campaigns, we’re able to change that.

It is important to consider how you can give back to your community when running a business, especially a business that is growing. A business can’t survive without the support of the community around it, I know that UKFast is in the position it is today thanks to the support we received from the people around us at the time. That’s why I am focussed on giving back and I’m incredibly proud that we’re now in a position to support organisations like the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, the Manchester Camerata and campaigns like these.

How will you help your community in the new year?

Take a look at what the Mission Christmas campaign is all about here.

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