29 December 2016

How are you feeling about it being the end of the year?ukfast campus manchester

It’s been a tough year for many and with everything that’s going on in the world, staying positive can be a challenge.

But attitude is everything! It’s an essential part of your business journey and positive thinking helps you to visualise success and plan for the future. Belief is a component part of success.

It is very likely that there will be a lot of good things about to happen to you and your business in 2017 – so why wouldn’t you focus on these, rather than the things that could go wrong?

Positive thinking improves problem solving; it means you’re more likely to look for solutions rather than focussing solely on the problem. When you naturally look to the good in a situation, in my experience, the solution arises much faster.

I believe that positivity also makes you more resilient, once you accept that some things will work and others don’t – and that this shouldn’t put you off trying. You suddenly don’t need such a thick skin!

It’s also worth remembering that more often than not, positive thoughts turn into positive results – whether these results come from the famous ‘Secret’ or simply because self-belief or belief in a cause drives you so much farther and harder, increases your passion and narrows your focus.

Positive thinking can be part of your character, but it still requires attention and maintenance. Nobody can be positive all the time! When I struggle, I have certain books that I read that never fail to energise me. Similarly, there are songs and places that will always inspire me to think a little differently.

Everything in life starts from a single thought. Taking time out to think is part of my daily routine. I put a lot of thought into ways we can improve our business, ways we could change the way we do things or improve the service we offer our customers.

Even though having the right attitude goes a long way, positive thinking isn’t just about daydreaming – that alone isn’t going to make you successful, it extends to writing down your goals. If you believe, you can achieve, and it’s certainly the right time of the year for making plans.

Somehow, once you have sat down and listed the things you want to achieve, they seem to naturally fall into place and once you’ve given yourself a deadline to achieve something, you’ll focus on getting it done. Whatever you choose to write down is one step closer to being a reality.

What are your goals for 2017?

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