6 January 2017

ukfast campus manchesterWhilst this time of year is great for setting goals and reflecting, planning for the year ahead, it is also incredibly easy to become caught up in the whirlwind of the season.

The internet is awash with motivational posts, quotes and life lessons, which are all fantastic, as long as you distinguish between the ones that apply to you and the ones that don’t!

Not every piece of advice will work for you and not every motivational tool will drive you forward. This is why knowing your purpose is so important.

Having a common thread throughout every area of your work and home life is essential. I now see my purpose as giving back, as helping others and casting a positive shadow on each room I leave. This has a huge impact on the goals that I set, on the path that I choose and the way that I operate.

This week I am choosing to fulfil that purpose by flying some of the UKFast team out to our ski hotel in Verbier, where they arrived yesterday. Despite having only been with the company a few months, this team of new starters are already having a real impact on the business and their energy is infectious! I am looking forward to getting to know them all a little better, making some memories together and ensuring that they have the experience of a lifetime skiing or boarding on the slopes of Switzerland’s most beautiful ski resort.

There is something special about bringing a team out of the office to somewhere completely new, out of their comfort zone. I am looking forward to more trips like this throughout the course of the year.

Having a purpose is the single most important part of being an entrepreneur. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to be remembered for?

Once you have decided this, your goals and aims become clear and your decisions are significantly easier to make.

I’d love to know what you see as your purpose and how you’re achieving it.

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