9 January 2017

How do you feel being back at work after the holidays? Struggling to get back into the rhythm? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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Driving around the mountains in Verbier

The January blues can strike anyone and everyone in your team – especially on a rainy Manchester morning or when there’s a huge tube strike for example – which leads to a demotivating start to the year. I so often hear of companies having to deal with a spike in people leaving in January or an increase in ‘sick’ days. Invariably, a low mood impacts productivity and job satisfaction.

So what can you do to stop the blues from bringing everyone in your company down?

Employee engagement is a big thing for us at UKFast, it’s something we really pride ourselves on. I learned early on in my entrepreneurial journey that the greatest asset a business can have is its team. No one person can do every role in a business and it is the people on the frontline that make the real impact.

It’s only natural to get a boost in the run-up to Christmas. At UKFast, December is so full of events and parties to look forward to, and everyone in our team gets involved with the Mission Xmas campaign giving back to our community. There was so much excitement in the air! The challenge is continuing that momentum after the celebrations, when people are a little sluggish from all of the Christmas treats and often struggling to get back into a routine.

While people are starting to create new routines and get back into old habits it is important that your team knows that they don’t need to look for these changes outside of your company, but that you can offer them from within.

That’s why we have the on-site gym and running club, among other fitness classes too. We have personal trainers to support fitness goals and efforts, and we have tolerance testing to work out how to eat the best food to fuel your bodies. We also have a focus on personal development through training and qualifications to help the team to meet their goals.

I love it when my team sets new goals and challenges for the year ahead and we do whatever we can to help them achieve these. January offers a great opportunity to catch up with the team about where they would like to be by the end of the year and look into providing training or other support to help get everyone on their way.

It’s also a great time to make plans and get things booked in the diary. When is your next big work event? Are there any conferences that you would like to attend? Or maybe there are courses to sign up to or exams to prepare for?

In my opinion, most of all, it’s your excitement about the year ahead that will be infectious. Try and start the year with as much energy as you ended the last one.

At UKFast, January is still a great time for being rewarded for last year’s hard work. Having a hotel in the Swiss mountains, we are lucky to be able to send the team to enjoy a bit of the skiing season and we have our second cohort of skiers arriving later today. It is an amazing time of the year for taking people away for an unexpected break!

How do you motivate your team at the start of the year?

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