10 January 2017

In his recent column for the Telegraph, John Timpson called on business leaders to show more kindness this year, because ‘kindness is at the heart of good management’. ukfast campus manchester

It is something worth being reminded of.

Showing respect to our customers, our team and the world around us is what makes up a large part of our business.

It was John’s son James who first introduced me to upside-down management style we now use to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. In this style of management, the people who face clients and shape the business are those who are the most empowered, rather than me or any of our managers. I found that when you give people the freedom to do what they need to, they will be more happy and productive, and it will only improve the relationship between our support team and our clients.

In my opinion, being kind by looking after the people you work with is the most important thing you could do for your business.

I want my team to be happy at work and feel like our offices are a home away from home. This is why we encourage everyone to take breaks away from their desk and spend time with their colleagues on games or exercise. We offer gym classes, free drinks on a Friday afternoon and sleeping pods – and on top of it all, we have an in-house training centre to ensure everyone can keep learning and developing to keep everyone focussed on their journey.

But perhaps most importantly, everyone in our team has a ‘supportive gene’; they will always look after each other. Our internal teams are kept small, so managers have the time to ensure everyone is as happy as possible. When somebody is going through a tough time, I know they will be fully supported.

We help our community in every way we can too, whether this is through opening the doors of our offices to let local athletes use the in-house gym, or by helping to spread Christmas joy in ensuring over 60,000 kids in Greater Manchester weren’t left without presents to open.

I’m always looking at ways to improve the happiness of our clients, our team and our community. What can I do to make them better? Who could do with a little help?

Sure, a business ultimately needs to make money, but there should be more to it than that. It is the ability to give something back that has given me the biggest sense of purpose in my time in business.

How do you show kindness at work?

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