12 January 2017

The start of a new year is all about setting your goals and the right tone for the year ahead. When looking back at the past year, how do you measure your success? Do you look at other market players to see how they have done?

Speaking at one of our events, InspireMCR

These days we know so much about how well everyone is doing, or appears to be doing, thanks to the rise of social media. But is it really a good idea to compare yourself to others in this way?

Many of the most ambitious people have a very competitive nature – they just can’t help comparing themselves to others and thriving to be better than them all of the time. Personally, I’ve always done this and I don’t think it is something I’ll stop doing soon. For me, I think this is a good thing; it pushes me to continue to grow UKFast and stay innovative, rather than resting on my laurels. But in some cases, it can cost a lot of energy that could have been better used on other things.

I believe that, when your feelings of what could be called ‘professional jealousy’ help to point you in the right direction and keep you focussing on what is really important to you, having them shouldn’t cause a problem. As long as you don’t forget to focus on your own goals! It’s easy to become distracted by looking too closely at what other people are doing – both personally and professionally – and you end up taking your eye off the ball. Look closer to home and concentrate on what you need to do within your business to grow and thrive.

Remember that what others are doing is completely out of your control. You can strive to be the best, but in the end, all you can and should really do is to get better at what you do year after year. Rather than always trying to beat the competition, why not focus your energy on collaborating?

In business, having a strong network of people around you is essential to success. I want my businesses to be successful, but I would never want my businesses to be the only ones to do well. As entrepreneurs, being able to share our experiences is an essential part of creating a strong business environment and community.

If you have recently set up a business, you might as well use any professional envy you might have for your own benefit. All successful leaders have been where you are now and you’d be surprised how many of them would be happy to talk to you and offer you advice on how to grow and develop as quickly as possible.

Have you ever experienced jealousy on your business journey?

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