17 January 2017

Today, on what would have been The Greatest’s 75th birthday, I’m reminded of one my favourite Muhammad Ali quotes:

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Stay focussed on your path, believe in your goals and make the days count

Once you have set yourself a goal, you need to spend time on working towards achieving it. Change will not come unless you set the wheels in motion. One thing I know for sure is that there is no point in sitting back and counting the days for success to happen to you – you have to get out and make it happen.

I believe that, when you have a positive attitude and look towards achieving short-term goals, you are far more likely to get to achieve your long-term goals too. I don’t think you should simply strive toward the day you will consider yourself to be successful, but embrace everything that comes on your path on the way.

In my opinion, it’s just as important to look at ways we can improve and make an impact in the short term. When you’re always looking to the future, you might miss the opportunities that are right in front of you – some of which may change your business and your life.

Telling you not to count the days to achieve your goals might sound a little strange coming from someone as competitive as me, but I believe it’s not all about achieving these goals as quickly as possible. How you will get to achieve your long-term goals might not be exactly the way you expected it – it might be even better! There are so many parts of my journey I’d never counted on happening, but they have actually changed my goals – and my business – for the better.

Another big influence Muhammad Ali had on me and my business was by way of introducing me to the power of intention. This boils down to the idea that when you believe and claim to be something, you have a greater chance of getting there in the end. This doesn’t just apply to your success; it applies to the way you get there too. For example, when you say you are busy it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. You’re so busy, feeling busy, feeling stressed, telling people that you are busy and trying to get out of the spiral of busyness, that you forget to actually do the original task list that made you busy in the first place.

So, on Muhammad Ali’s birthday, take a moment to think about your day today. Are you making a difference? Are you taking steps towards your ultimate goals? Are you making your days count?

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