25 January 2017

breakfastOne of my team recently asked me this question which, initially, I found a little strange. The question, however, sparked a conversation about routine.

I have a ten-egg white omelette or porridge with water and a pinch of salt; as a matter of routine. It is incredible how the first meal of the day can often set the tone for the rest of the day. It is, more often than not, the first step in our daily routine. The person who asked the question had skipped their porridge that morning and it had thrown their day off from there.

So what do you do then? How do you get back on track?

Certain parts of my week are set in stone. I wake up at 6.22am every day and get straight out of bed. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I put on my gym kit straight away and get ready for squash and a personal training session – without fail. Every Friday night is date night with my wife and Tuesday nights we have dinner together and review the week.

We also have set times for impact meetings with each department of the business – same place, same time every week. This way other departments or directors can also join the session if they have feedback or questions. It is an incredibly effective way of communicating within the business. Rather than having a constant stream of ad-hoc questions or feedback, they’re all raised each week in the same format.

For me, having this schedule means that if one part of the day is thrown off, I know how to get back on track. I know where I need to be and when, and can quickly regain momentum and productivity.

Of course, there are allowances for the inevitable tasks or meetings that crop up out of nowhere, but I schedule time to tackle these too!

When we schedule tasks in, we’re significantly more likely to achieve them. For example, if you set the goal to go to the hairdressers, you’ll eventually get there, but there are no guarantees as to when. However, if you make an appointment, you’re 90% more likely to get the job done. It’s really as simple as that.

What did you have for breakfast? How do you start your day?

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