6 February 2017

Lawrence Jones MBE and SIA

With S-IA’s Steve and Martin

Wow! What a start to Monday; I am absolutely delighted to finally announce our acquisition of S-IA.

The business adds extraordinary weight to our public sector offering with IL3 and IL4, List-X capabilities and clients including the Cabinet Office and MoD. Keeping secrets isn’t one of my strongest points, and I have been bursting to share this news.

Acquiring a business that has worked with the Cabinet Office since 2003 as well as being a longstanding partner of the Ministry of Defence is an extraordinary honour. We’re truly proud to make a further move into working with our government, especially with such an extraordinary team.

My wife Gail and our M&A director Catherine led an all-female team to completing the deal, which was exactly a year in the making. Gail knew from the moment she heard about S-IA that we had to get involved; she was instantly excited about the deal and has worked hard to deliver the outcome we’re announcing today.

The move represents a further step towards the high-level security services market, just six months after the acquisition of cyber security specialists Pentest Ltd by our security business Secarma in July 2016. It’s the next step on a journey we’ve been on for a while.

It is an exciting time for our clients too; we’re bolting on a new level of expertise and technical capability to UKFast’s existing product range, and combined with our exclusively UK-based data centres and best of British service, it’s an offering that other large providers dealing with the public sector simply can’t match.

S-IA chief executive Martin Knapp and the rest of his team are a fantastic group of people and I am looking forward to Martin settling into his role heading up our G-Cloud team as part of the move.
This deal highlights where relationships and meetings can take you – Martin and the team originally started a conversation with us just to look at our data centre facilities to host their cloud offering. They were so impressed we discussed being partners and that progressed quickly into buying the business!

Really it makes perfect sense; there are so many similarities between us, just like there were when we looked at Pentest last year. It’s all about culture – the team and clients always come first.
I am looking forward to seeing where the next year takes us, we’ve certainly got off to an exciting start!

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