8 February 2017

How do you build a brand?ukfast campus manchester

I guess the question should be more ‘how do you build a successful brand?’.

There are a few things here, the first thing is that after spending years and years looking at branding ,and as someone who is obsessed with creativity (I read all sorts of books on it), I have learned that you are constantly surprised by what works! No matter how passionate you are about branding and creativity, you, of course, can’t guarantee that your idea is going to be the next big thing.

So how do you set it up with the best foundation? I remember someone coming to me some time ago because they owed me a sum of money. Their business had gone bust, it just hasn’t worked. We had a conversation and I encouraged him to go again, don’t give up, and instead of pushing for the money that he owed me, I offered to continue giving them the service for free. This would give him a chance to get back into some momentum and build from there.

One of the biggest parts of that conversation was about his company name – it just didn’t do it for me.

It was descriptive but it wasn’t engaging. We talked about how the delivery was the USP. The hook of the business was the fact that these gifts and cards were delivered.

He called me sometime later and said he was to call the business Funky Pigeon. I remember thinking that’s not going to work! The delivery hook certainly ties to carrier pigeons but I wasn’t so sure. Of course, the moral of this tale is that you can make any name work! It’s got to be something that’s a made up, fun name that grabs people’s attention rather than a descriptive name.

For example, UKFast just acquired Pentest and penetration testing is a product provided by the company – descriptive it’s just not interesting. But when you look at Secarma, this name is something we made up combining security and karma. It’s engaging.

I think that this is the key when building a brand. As Secarma is made-up word, we had no difficulty to get the domain name, the trademark and the rights to that name, whereas trying to trademark Pentest would be a nightmare!

So, how do you build a brand? Make up a name that works for you and the rest will follow from there.


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