9 February 2017

Last night I received a message from an old friend, Clair. Clair was the reason I took on my first member of staff. She had taken on a team member in the office next door to us and I knew I needed to progress too. Of course, not wanting to be beaten, I recruited a team member. 

We’ve kept in touch over the years, but this message caught me off-guard. It read:

“Morning! You won’t see this post as it’s in a Facebook group of UK female biz entrepreneurs. As it happens I was looking through the posts and stumbled across “Who is your business crush?” and I (admittedly annoying !) immediately thought of you and replied with this….credit where it’s due.

Lawrence Jones MBE – CEO UKFast. Back in ’94 in our early twenties we both set our businesses up in the backstreets of Manchester. We helped each other in the early stages of our ‘then’ businesses.

I left my successful business I’d set up to raise my newborn and stepdaughter who was 8yrs and tragically lost her birth Mum. This coupled with my abusive childhood I handed the reins of my successful business to focus all my energy on being a  great Mum.

Roll on 23years – I’ve watched his business(es) grow to the level he has, which is truly inspirational and admirable. He still continues to grow and yet just recently I needed on email for my new biz and within seconds he’s text me back and got it sorted. #still grounded.”

So who inspires who?

I’ll be honest; it struck a chord with me receiving this message. We’d been on the start of our journey together and Clair is an incredibly inspirational woman.

I am very lucky to get so many kind words of feedback these days and it’s what drives me to always try harder. Helping others is something that my Gran, Grandfather and parents instilled in me. They were always kind-hearted people from the backstreets of Liverpool and they’d give the shirt off their back to help someone in need.  It’s ingrained in me culturally.

I have learned over the years that it is not what you earn or what you achieve in business, how many cars you have or how big your house it – ultimately it comes down to how you impact other people. What do you give back? That’s what is really important. Hearing this feedback really reminded me of the impact that small acts of kindness have.


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