10 February 2017

planeFantastic news flying out of Manchester Airport today with the announcement that it has become one of the European Top 20 busiest airports in Europe.

More than 1.6 million passengers flew in or out of the airport last month – up more than 11% on the same period in 2016.

The news really cements Manchester’s airport as one of the UK’s top travel hubs, especially considering that a large proportion of that growth is down to the addition of long-haul routes like Beijing, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The North West is more connected than ever – the Northern Powerhouse has direct lines to some of the most inspiring business and technology hubs across the world. The announcement of the San Fran flight last year was incredible progress for the city’s technology scene – plugging straight into Silicon Valley.

Closer to home, it is essential to stay connected to our European counterparts as each government hashes out what Brexit and our country’s relationship with the EU will look like.

Manchester Airport’s success is a prime example of growth led by the region and its businesses.

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