13 February 2017

Happy Monday. The first day of the week, one to get motivated and to set your goals for what lies ahead. Monday motivation!

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Business as usual on the beach of Rangali Island, goal setting and dreaming big.

Do you ever find yourself demotivated? I believe that losing momentum lies in not setting goals or not sticking to them. As you may have seen, we’ve recently taken a trip abroad and the first week of my holiday is dedicated solely to switching off, meditating and reflecting on what we’ve achieved so far, where we’re at and where we’re heading to next. It’s an opportunity to maintain and build momentum, even though we’re physically and mentally slowing down and resting on holiday.

Every year at this time, Gail and I take time out on Rangali Island in the Maldives to set our goals. It is a tradition that started not long after my avalanche 16 years ago; it’s just about as far away as you can get from snow and mountains, so it made perfect sense to do it here, and it is something that has stuck ever since.

We take the time to make decisions on the things we have not achieved, look at what we have achieved, assess our progress on other goals and then we start again. We constantly update the list; we dream as big as we can and we do it together.

I often talk about goal setting; it’s so important in both our personal and professional lives. You never know what is over the next hill that could distract you, having a goal enables you to get back on track quickly.

I am often asked if it gets harder to set goals as the business grows – how do you stay motivated when you’ve hit your biggest goal? It’s easy, set another one! It is no harder to set goals as the business grows and evolves, if anything it is easier; the numbers we set get bigger and the list of things that we need to do seems to grow each year, but ultimately not all goals are related to money. Goals can be anything from sport, to being a better person or better father, to giving back more, or to learning another language.

Ultimately, in nature, we’re either growing or dying, goals ensure that you’re always growing and developing. We have got to constantly strive to be better in what we do.

As Tony Robbins says, we need a MAP – a Massive Action Plan. Set your goals, write them down and plot your path. This way, even if you are distracted from your course, you have a setback or you have a rough patch, you always have a point on the horizon to aim for.

Invariably, some of these goals take longer to achieve than you intend but the key is that you need to stick to them! I am incredibly patient. Whilst my entire life and UKFast are all about speed, about doing it now, immediately, I have learned in life that things always take longer and cost more! It is easy to get demotivated when you’re not hitting your goal quickly which is why it is so important to write down your goals and have them on hand when you’re struggling.

However, I don’t think I actually know how to get demotivated! It’s not something that is part of my life. It’s a state of mind that’s a waste of energy and time. That’s why I like looking forward, never backward. Even when I set my goals in February looking back is only for a moment.

Life is about forward thinking and I don’t know why I am the way I am but I enjoy chasing my dreams!

Have you set your goals yet? Are you dreaming big enough? How do you stay motivated?

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