17 February 2017

We’ve been talking about cloud for years. It has been a huge buzzword in both business and personal tech and it is now a firm staple in the corporate tech agenda, but what’s happening now?clouduklive

It is so important to continue the conversations after these technologies evolve from bandwagons to mainstream. Yesterday we held the second event of our Cloud UK Live event series, this time at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

Firstly, it is an extraordinary venue; a stunning garden with running water features and flamingos hidden on a rooftop in the middle of Kensington. Secondly, what an amazing event!

We were joined by heavyweights of the enterprise cloud industry, Microsoft, Cisco, RedHat and VMware, as well as real life examples from people including my good friend Dan Cluderay of Approved Food.

Approved Food is an extraordinary example of how cloud can power incredible amounts of traffic to ecommerce sites. Having appeared on a BBC programme, the Approved Food site was receiving moe than 50,000 concurrent visitors and was performing perfectly thanks to eCloud Hybrid. The solution led to them ranking third in the world for their page speed score – behind eBay and Zara.

David Rowan, editor of Wired UK, also joined the event as keynote speaker, discussing digital transformation. He referenced sleep pods, creating for the ‘desire’ path and asked ‘if someone from the 1950s was to join us on this planet again, what would be the hardest thing to explain?’

Fascinating question! There are so many things that would be a challenge to explain. Imagine trying to understand a small electronic rectangle that you carry around with you at all times, that’s a phone, music player, camera, a compass, a calculator and it connects you to the rest of the world all at once!

It is incredible to lead the cloud conversation which was trending across Twitter for most of the afternoon. We have to keep discussing these technologies, even when they move on from being the latest trendy buzzword. This is how technology evolves and grows, and how we learn to use it more efficiently and in more interesting ways!

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