20 February 2017

Uber request screenshotI was shocked to read about a former Uber employee’s experience at the company – it certainly doesn’t set the greatest example for the technology industry when one of its fastest-growing names is hitting the headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Uber aside, I believe that the only way to stop sexism in the workplace is to have a balanced number of women and men right across all aspects of the business. This way the right behaviour is encouraged and the wrong behaviour is quickly stamped out.

The issue of six woman to 120 men is not healthy and it’s no wonder the ladies felt uncomfortable. Especially as they were being treated so differently.  I don’t believe cultures like this are created by accident. You have to go out of your way to build a business with 5% women.

Whilst it is tricky to find women to fill certain roles in the technical space, this isn’t an excuse to have a male-dominated business. We’ve found that balance with women in management roles, in communications or marketing. Luckily we’re seeing a shift in school attitudes and more young girls are seeing technology as a viable career choice rather than something ‘for boys’.

Having a board of directors split 50:50, like we do at UKFast, helps keep the business balanced.

It’s sad to hear stories like this in this day and age especially from such a successful company.




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