8 March 2017

As part of International Women’s Day, some of the women of UKFast are taking over my blog! Here, Alice shares her thoughts…

Join a team of superstars at UKFast

Alice after a visit to one of our clients, Chester Zoo!

Happy #IWD!

I love days like today! I know that if you celebrated every day of recognition, you’d always be partying, but some of them are a little more important than others and this is one of them.

I am incredibly proud to be able to say with integrity that I personally work for a company that has a culture where I have never felt the barrier of a glass ceiling, nor ever felt that I am disadvantaged by my gender.

I’ve been brought up by my parents to ‘go for it’! Whatever the challenge, whatever the goal; it was never in my consciousness that because I am female, I can’t do certain things or I am judged a certain way, and thankfully that has continued into my professional career thanks to supportive and wonderful managers and role models.

Sadly, I know that’s not the case for all young girls, which is why days like to today are incredibly important. I want every girl to feel the same way that I do, to not be off-put because it’s a ‘man’s world’. That’s why I am also really proud to be working with UKFast’s training and education team on their work with schools in Greater Manchester. We’re working hard to make sure that girls have the same opportunities as boys.

So today I am excited to join Lawrence and Gail, and the UKFast team, in our drive to boost equality in tech.

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