8 March 2017

international womens day ukfast Continuing today’s International Women’s Day blog takeover, Izzy describes her UKFast journey…

At UKFast, I am surrounded by so many powerful and passionate women, promotion opportunities are limitless and empowerment and equality is the norm.

It doesn’t take International Women’s Day 2017 to make me appreciate how fortunate I am to be a woman in the workplace at UKFast – but it is nice to reflect on a day like today…

Since joining I have felt inspired beyond belief to reach my full potential and to always want more – whether I am competing or collaborating with my male or female teammates I am always treated as equal and encouraged to succeed.

It’s refreshing to be mentored and lead by a board of directors who are a true reflection of an equal opportunities environment, therefore I know that the idea of a ‘glass ceiling’ is obsolete and so far removed from our core values.

I feel that I am on a fast-track to success thanks to the support that Lawrence and Gail have given me since I joined the team. To have Gail so present around our offices is a daily reminder of what I can achieve in my career. Gail is confident, clever and caring, and a truly inspiring role model.

In my day-to-day role I look after a team of 16 sales superstars. They are a truly diverse team thanks to our focus on hiring both males and females in a society where sales is still perceived as male dominated – the business benefits are clear to see here.

I have monthly meetings with my mentor, Liz, as part of our mentor scheme rolled out across the business. Liz is our Communications Director – she is wonderfully wise and brimming with advice to help my progression. Liz has had an incredibly successful career in communications and is a perfect representation of this working environment in which women can thrive.

Every day we have a ‘girl-gang’ group work out in the gym – boys can come too but the theme music is Beyoncé ballads which I’ve heard are an acquired taste. We share the gym with personal trainers from ‘The Female Fitness Academy’ who are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to working out! From the gym to our ladies nights to the wonder-women I work with day in and day out – I am proud to be surrounded by and supported by so many incredible independent women and I know that I will always be empowered to progress alongside my FEMALE and male peers*insert Beyoncé lyrics here*!

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