13 March 2017

Would you leave your office unlocked or shop door open when you weren’t there? Not bother putting on an alarm or placing the day’s takings in the safe?unlocked Manchester cybersecurity conference

All of this sounds absurd, right? There’s no way that we would neglect the physical security of our businesses, so why are we neglecting online security?

Around 65% of large businesses reported a cyberattack in the past 12 months and more than 2,000 DDoS attacks happen every day across the globe, yet according to the government nine out of 10 businesses still don’t have a plan in place for handling a ‘cyber breach’.

When we first started UKFast, the focus was showing people the benefits of getting online. Now it’s about making sure they’re protected. It needs to be a top priority.

Cyber threats are increasingly intelligent and growing to an extraordinary scale – last year a DDoS attack took out a whole swathe of the internet, not just one site or solution. It seems that as soon as we develop a solution to mitigate a threat, a new threat has popped up that cancels it out! So what do we do?

To help tackle online threats, we’ve committed to growing our cybersecurity business, Secarma. Last year we acquired penetration experts Pentest who have now joined the Secarma team. These incredible ethical hackers have clients including Google and Oracle, and work much in the same way that hackers do, only rather than trying to steal data they find the ways that hackers could get in, and plug those holes. We’ve bolstered our network’s DDoS defences and we’re working to improve digital education – ignorance certainly is bliss when it comes to security.

The Secarma and Pentest team are now bringing a new cybersecurity conference to Manchester in partnership with Cisco and Microsoft. Speakers include Graham Cluley, an award-winning security blogger and independent security analyst and Terrence Greer-King, cybersecurity director at Cisco. The event delves into the top security fears for business and how to protect against them. Ultimately it gives you the knowledge and tools to stay secure.

We’re also offering a free vulnerability scan for all attendees, see the team on the day for more information.

I hope to see you there; it would be a nice opportunity to catch up. You can register for free at https://unlocked.events but in the meantime, if you have any security questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me, or the UKFast and Secarma teams.

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