16 March 2017

We’re very proud to be a British hosting provider, wholly UK-based, so to win a UK Cloud Award is a particular honour.UKFast cloud provider of the year UK cloud awards

Back in 2013 we were incredibly proud to launch eCloud – the first UK designed, built and developed cloud of its kind. Enterprise-grade technology at affordable prices with incredible support, going against the grain of the industry. Huge players were rolling out massive infrastructure on-demand and pay-as-you-go with everything else as an add on, but we wanted provide the whole package built in incredible tech.

Since then we’ve added multiple options to the eCloud range, including FASTdesk and FastCloudBackup, and I believe that it is the most comprehensive cloud range of any provider. The whole range is still completely UK based.

Why the obsession with being UK based? It’s simple. With cloud it is hard enough to establish where your data is stored, even harder when your provider is a huge multi-national firm with data centres all over the globe. With that comes the questions of who is looking after your data and what laws or regulations that data comes under.

There has been much debate in recent years about access to American providers’ client data, thanks to the Patriot Act and the nation’s blanket snooping laws. Microsoft famously battled the courts over US Department of Justice wanting access to data stored in Irish data centres – a fight that has gone all the way to the US Court of Appeals this year.

There’s been Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield, and coming soon, there’s GDPR. And then there’s Brexit, casting more uncertainty over which rules apply to data protection. So we make it simple: all of our data is stored in the UK and protected to our high standards. We recently received IL 3 and IL 4 accreditations, as well as adding ListX facilities taking secure data management to the next level.

Knowing exactly where our data is stored and having end-to-end control over these facilities is extraordinarily important. How can you protect data if you don’t have control over every aspect of it?

I am incredibly proud to continue to provide these services on British shores, to champion British innovation, and to receive an award of this nature – the Best Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) – is a real honour and will only spur us on further. We’re committed to continuing to grow and develop our cloud range and are ready for whatever changes come our way.

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