20 March 2017

What makes you happy?

Whilst it is grey and raining outside, it is actually International Day of Happiness, so why not make the excuse to bring a little extra joy to your team today?

That’s something that I aim to do every day at UKFast. Fun is part of our culture; it used to be a core value but that made it feel forced, it’s not something that we consciously choose to do, it’s something that happens naturally!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage it a little. How could you liven up your workplace? It’s easier to feel happy when you’re in a bright, engaging environment surrounded by equally engaged people. A helter-skelter in the office certainly helps too! That being said, creating a happy workplace doesn’t need to cost a lot of money; it can actually be really simple.

Have a ‘bring your pets to work’ day. We regularly have dogs in the office for a day or two, or some more regular visitors. We are also flexible when it comes to childcare and you’ll regularly see little ones by the parent’s (or parent’s teammates’ desks!) or in the crèche downstairs.

Encourage sporting activities, get the endorphins flowing! Again, this doesn’t have to mean a fully equipped gym in the office; it could be a daily lunchtime running club that you organise.

I have learned that the happiest teams are those who you help to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Make it easier for them to juggle working a full time job while raising children, having pets, staying fit and healthy.

And it benefits the business too. We learned long ago that a happy team makes happier clients and that ultimately impacts the business’ bottom line.

As business leaders, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our teams are happy coming to work. We spend a third of our lives adult at work, so why shouldn’t we be happy there? It makes perfect sense.



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