22 March 2017

airplaneWhat a shame it is to read this afternoon that EU chiefs are warning airlines to relocate headquarters and sell off shares to European nationals if they are to continue continental Europe flights after Brexit.

This could be disastrous for us as a country. We’re a small island, at the end of the day, and we rely on the incredible transport infrastructure we have in place – this is more than evident in the ever-expanding and evolving airports like Heathrow and Manchester.

Moving headquarters out of the UK of course means fewer jobs and less job growth, and less money coming in and out of our country.

According to the Guardian , representatives from easyJet, along with the British Airways owner IAG, Ryanair and the Tui Group, whose portfolio of airlines includes Thomson, met the EU’s Brexit taskforce last week but little has come out of the meeting.

Such a shame at a time when we should be strengthening our economy and getting ready for the big Brexit move that we’re hit with more negativity and distraction. I hope that Brexit negotiations and discussions with the big airline operators yield the right results for our country.

Now that we know Brexit is happening and all of the debating Article 50 is done, it’s time for us to look forwards and focus on growth, ready for leaving the EU. It has been a massive distraction for our economy for far too long already.


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