23 March 2017

It is hard to comprehend the events that happened at the political heart of our country yesterday. Our proud capital attacked, five lives lost and 40 people injured. It’s unimaginable.

For me, watching the news coverage, I was incredibly proud to see the amazing response of our emergency services.

Doctors and nurses ran from a nearby hospital to treat the injured on the streets and Tory MP Tobias Ellwood did what he could to try to save the life of the stabbed police officer, Keith Palmer. Mr Palmer, a father and husband, died stopping the attacker from entering the buildings of the House of Parliament.

The emergency services risk their lives to protect us every single day. Yesterday, within minutes of the attack starting, there were police and anti-terror offices on the scene. And now, a statement from the Metropolitan Police said that the force has cancelled some leave and extended duty hours so that there are officers out in force to reassure people.

Social media was awash with messages thanking our emergency services, thanking the police officers chatting with the public to reassure people.

Someone once told me that whenever awful events happen, always look for the helpers. There are always more people rushing to help others than there are attacking them. The attacker yesterday was outnumbered, by hundreds to one, thanks to the people helping, and that’s what we must remember.

Today my thoughts are very much with our capital city, with the friends and family of those impacted by yesterday’s events, and with our emergency services.

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