30 March 2017

I was recently asked the question whether creating places like ours for people to work is worth it. What’s the value?UKFast Campus reception

It’s simple. Our team benefits and it is part of our culture.

Our most recent addition, the slide, is almost like a flag on the Parkway; it signals that we are different, but difference wasn’t the real reason for installing it. A slide was on the very first list of requests from the UKFast team when we first considered moving to Archway.

The fun that the slide represents is embedded in our business; every crazy part of UKFast Campus has been driven by the team itself.

That’s why it is so important for the team to take control of creating a workplace. It’s easy to pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds towards redeveloping a workplace – adding some fun colours here and there, throwing down a few beanbags, but is that what your team need?

I recently heard about a huge brand relocating, displacing thousands of the team, moving from a beautiful building with a lake and stunning surroundings – the business utopia that we all aim for – to a place that no one wanted and that doesn’t have anywhere near the same facilities. The best bit? The team were not consulted on the move!the UKFast gym

All too often these ‘dynamic’ eye-catching office spaces costs millions and are designed by an external company that just don’t understand what the business or team need.

UKFast Campus has been developed in response to requests from the team and to the groups that our team themselves have created. We didn’t set up running club – the team did that themselves, the same with kettlebells and spinning class. Hence the gym and extra spinning bikes.

Some of our engineers have shown extraordinary commitment over the years staying until a job is completed, and whilst I am not an advocate of the team working late, these guys are so committed I had to respond and install the sleeping pods because that was what was really going to make their lives better.

We have built a community in here that energises itself. It is really quite extraordinary.

I honestly believe though, that there is significantly more value in creating a strong culture first, rather than trying to force it with an expensive redevelop.

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