5 April 2017

manchester skylineI am incredibly proud to describe myself as an ‘adopted Mancunian’. This city took me in when I was 16 and I was overawed by the buzz that you could feel everywhere you go – it’s like the whole place was bursting with ideas and energy. What is extraordinary to me is that it hasn’t changed a bit!

Yes, Manchester has adopted the digital industries and the internet like nowhere else I know in that time, but the thirst for innovation hasn’t changed. I was reminded of this reading the news this morning seeing that graphene now has the potential to create clean water for more than a billion people.

Graphene – which originated in the University of Manchester the same place that ‘The Baby’ became the first computer in the world to run a program electronically stored in its memory – is changing the world. It has incredible potential and I can’t help but feel like we are at the start of something truly amazing.

I remember feeling this same ripple when I visited New York before setting up UKFast. Everyone over there was talking about the internet and this new way of connecting and sending information. Over here, no one really knew anything about it.

Graphene could have that world-changing potential too, and it all started here in Manchester.


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