6 April 2017

Yesterday we announced the latest deal to come from UKFast Campus.

UKFast has secured a contract to supply the UK Cabinet Office with a cloud platform for its emergency ResilienceDirect service. The service supports effective response to incidents like natural disasters, terror attacks and power outages.

This amazing platform delivers a suite of Ordinance Survey tools, supporting a co-ordinated and efficient response by organisations from COBRA and the emergency services all the way down to local councils and utility providers.

The deal is a signpost in the UKFast journey and reflects the investment we are putting into our public sector offering  following the acquisition of public sector specialists Secure Information Assurance (S-IA) and a £2.3 million upgrade to our government data centre space earlier this year.

It’s also fantastic to hear that the government chose a British hosting provider following a procurement contest with Amazon Web Services.

The government is making massive inroads to bring in more sophisticated systems in the face of modern-day terrorism and other threats. Using a cutting-edge cloud platform is the natural way to do that.   To put it simply, Britain needs world-class technology underpinning its critical infrastructure, especially during times of uncertainty.

UKFast is completely focussed on building a stronger, more secure Britain. We’re investing into ultra-secure hosting, developing increasingly sophisticated products and services with our cybersecurity division Secarma and we’re constantly learning as the landscape changes.

This is an exciting step in our journey and I am incredibly proud to have been entrusted with such an important service.

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