7 April 2017

I woke up this morning to a text from my director of Comms.

“We didn’t win at the Business Desk awards last night. It was for Contribution to the Community.  ☹️ hate losing!!!! xxxx”

Well let’s write about that. Because I hate losing too.

We could go into great detail about all the things we do and working with 57,000 kids across Manchester. Our work and contribution to the Manchester Camerata, to the young athletes in the Diane Modahl Foundation. The list is endless and the effort is extraordinary. I see it first hand and I am incredibly proud of my team at UKFast for it.

But last night we lost fair and square to a smaller company that is doing a huge amount. It needs commending. It needs talking about, when you have big businesses not paying tax and contributing with the basics to our society and culture and taking billions out of the economy for little or no tax in proportion.
A great many of these same businesses have puffed up schemes that sound great on paper but have zero social impact. One that I won’t name and shame promised the U.K. Govt, £1b and when I invited them to join in on one of our education eventslast year they said “we don’t have any money to contribute.” I reminded them that I never asked for any, but cheekily said, “what about the billion pounds?”
I was then told, “well it’s not real cash, that’s the value that we believe our brand brings to the U.K.”

Small businesses do more for the U.K. than big business. Fact! They pay their taxes and deliver the lions share of all the money that runs through the veins of the U.K. They don’t have complex off shore tax schemes, they pay and get on with it.

Well deserved Winners of the Business Desk Community Awards 2017

Well deserved Winners of the Business Desk Community Awards 2017

It’s the passionate individuals within these small businesses that when united together to a great cause, make the biggest difference.
And when a small business, a tiny one in comparison dedicates all that time, energy and money to helping people at the lowest rung of society. The people most forgotten about that don’t have the basics that we take for granted. A roof over our heads, fresh food. A supportive family.
To every single one of you in the TunaFish Media team, for all that effort and commitment. For beating us fair and square, for sustained work across the year, good on you! It’s businesses like yours that inspire real change. That inspire me to continue to improve both personally and as a businessman.
I know our team will be very disappointed at losing because they passionately commit so much time and energy themselves into so many projects, but I know each and every one of them when they wake up this morning will feel good inside knowing that there’s another Manchester company punching above its weight and making a massive difference to our community.

From everyone at UKFast, well done to you all and keep it up.

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