18 April 2017

Theresa May announces Snap Election. Windy day in Westminster!

Theresa May announces Snap General Election. Windy day in Westminster!

What do you think of today’s news that a general election has been called for June 8th?

Whatever your politics, this move demonstrates Theresa May’s confidence in both the Conservative Party and in her own leadership. Even though her party has a lead in the polls, we’ve seen polls be miles off the mark – just look at Trump! – so it’s still a gamble. It is a gamble that’s also risking May’s legacy; if it doesn’t pay off she could go down as one of the country’s shortest serving Prime Ministers.

Having seen what’s happened in America, it is very likely that social media will win this election; whoever mobilises the platforms best and targets the masses most effectively – regardless of their party or politics – has a huge advantage.

Trump proved that with social media and marketing nowadays, there are no guarantees for anyone. With this in mind, it’s clear to see that May is taking a very big risk, especially when you consider the whole country is divided following the Brexit referendum. Back in June last year, a lot of people simply assumed that we would stay in the EU and didn’t bother voting. The voter turnout for the referendum was just 72.2% – that’s a third of the country unaccounted for in terms of their stance on Brexit. The concern therefore is that if any of the candidates were still of a mind to say ‘vote for us and we could stop Brexit’ – whether it’s possible or not – no one really knows just how many people that could mobilise to vote – we simply don’t know the sheer size of the number of people who want to stay in the EU and how they will vote. I wouldn’t be surprised to see coalitions coming together around Scottish independence or Brexit.

My main concern is that if the Conservatives lose, this could be a disaster for business. I simply can’t see anyone from the business community voting Corbyn into power and I think there would be business owners leaving the country in their droves if he won it. I have no doubt that Corbyn’s Labour are going to tax and tax and tax the profit of small businesses which will ultimately grind the economy to a halt.

I’m a big fan of Theresa May but really we could have done with a bit more time to do our business without any changes. The politics of Britain has taken the limelight of the news for five years. I have never seen an era where politics has dominated the news so much; it is at the forefront of every British person’s minds right now. Everyone has a strong opinion on Brexit, the NHS, the Scottish referendum – it’s a tricky time to win a general election and it will certainly be incredibly interesting to watch.


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