10 May 2017

castle always falls from within - lawrence jones blog

It was John Lennon who famously said: “The castle always falls from within.” A phrase he had picked up from Yoko Ono and an ancient Chinese book about preparing for battle.

It’s an interesting concept and one that absolutely applies to business. We talk a lot about risk and security, but are you looking close to home?

It is essential to focus on strengthening the basics – your core. Strengthening your core business is the most basic principle of any business, yet we all too often forget the real ‘bread and butter’ and become distracted by the next big thing.

It’s easy to forget about each simple process, practice or decision that got you to where you are now; instead focus switches to which chairs to buy, which trend to jump on, or quite simply, new challenges get in the way.

We have a phrase here at UKFast created by our RnD Director, Darren; he calls them, ‘Doctor Who moments’. These are the times when something at the very core of our success falls by the wayside and you forget to do it – we all have a ‘magic formula’ but it’s surprisingly easy to forget what that is. Often it is not until months or even years later that you realise you’ve stopped doing it but the impact these little losses have on the business can be huge.

When the core of the company is strong, your team is happy and motivated and you stick to your formula, it would be extremely difficult for any external factor to knock you off course.

Get your foundations and your basics in order and the rest will follow.

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