12 May 2017


Speaking at one of our events, InspireMCR

Are you speaking the right language?  No, not English, French, Mandarin or the like; are you choosing to use the right words to get you to where you need to be?

It is astonishing how much of an impact the language that we use has on our lives. It’s a concept that was brought to my attention by Tony Robbins many years ago and whilst I was initially sceptical about just how much of an effect it can have, I have since adopted many of these methods, and being conscious of the language I use is now a standard part of my everyday life.

It all comes down to the power of intention. We set goals and intentions, and the language we use helps us to achieve them. It’s as simple as that. For example, I never use ‘will’ or ‘could’ for example. It’s all too easy to add doubt into your intentions with these words, instead be confident, say you’re doing it, be active.

Language quickly becomes habitual – especially negative language when someone asks you how you are, how do you respond? ‘Ok, thanks’? ‘Fine’?

I have made it a habit to use the most positive word I can think of whenever anyone asks me. ‘Gorgeous,’ ‘Perfect,’ ‘Wonderful!’ Whilst it might seem a little over-the-top, it makes me feel better, rather than reinforcing that I might be tired or feeling a little low. These responses usually provoke a smile or a laugh too – so it’s a win-win.

I have also banned the word ‘stressed’ from my vocabulary! If you are stressed, why continue to reinforce that with stress-inducing language – you’re effectively convincing yourself that you are stressed! It’s non-sensical.

It is a fact of life that negativity is contagious and negative language is at the very core of that. If you respond to something negative, it’s more difficult for those around you to respond positively. So why not spark a conversation positively? Set the tone.

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