17 May 2017


When you think about online shopping which sites immediately spring to mind? I don’t doubt that Amazon and eBay are in that list.

The two big internet retail giants are huge multi-nationals – one of which we know doesn’t pay its way when it comes to tax in the UK. It’s a real shame that there isn’t a credible British alternative in this list, which is why I am delighted to welcome online marketplace OnBuy to UKFast.

The British marketplace has recently signed a two-year deal with us to provide hosting and support ahead of a huge marketing and TV campaign. Two British companies, both aligned in taking on huge global giants – I have no doubt that that is a recipe for success.

It’s something that we have found ourselves doing throughout the 17 years of UKFast. Gail and I originally set UKFast up in response to the poor level of customer service that was on offer by hosting providers at the time. Our focus on service and people is what sets us aside. It’s also about remaining agile and remembering what your focus is. It’s all too easy to focus on aggressive growth and spreading across countries, but really, the focus should be on the people and helping clients to grow their businesses too. It’s common sense. That’s why it is great to see OnBuy going to such lengths to support its sellers.

It’s also common sense to support the businesses that are boosting the British economy, not those that are using clever financial tricks to keep money that should be entering our economy offshore. Whilst the government is making some roads to collecting this, it still doesn’t go far enough.

Ultimately, we need more British companies to challenge the likes of Amazon and eBay. It’s undoubtedly time to back innovative British services like OnBuy which are the lifeblood of the economy, particularly with Brexit looming large. I have always championed buying British and looking after the businesses that will help our whole economy to flourish.

I am incredibly proud to partner with OnBuy, and I am certain that you will see more of them in the weeks to come.

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