22 May 2017

register to vote

One of the most frustrating things in life is not feeling as though your voice is heard.

Yet, a third of the population have not voted in the past two general elections. Is there ever a more important time to have your say?

Today is the last day to register to vote in the election on June 8th. As Brexit looms and we face more questions than ever about the future of the United Kingdom, this vote is sure to be one that goes down in history.

I was heartened to read that more than 700,000 voters aged under 25 have already registered to vote. Especially considering the fact that The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) had earlier warned that young people in the UK face a “voter registration time bomb”, since the number of school leavers registered to vote has dropped by more than a quarter over the past three years.

It has been hard to miss the notices to register to vote – there has been huge billboard outside of UKFast Campus for weeks, and all of the social networks have been awash with reminders.

Back when the election was called, I remember noting that whoever tackles social media stands a good chance of winning the race. It seems that the Electoral Commission is winning that race, even harnessing the power of a Snapchat filter to reach younger audiences.

Figures released by the Electoral Commission yesterday show that more than two million applications have been made digitally so far, whilst around 83,000 applications have been made by pen and paper since the election was called.

The shift to digital makes me think even more that this could be the last election where we have to either post off a vote or head to the polling stations.

Whatever the future holds, you can’t have your say unless you register. Now’s your chance. The deadline is 11.59pm tonight. Register here.

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