1 June 2017

lawrence jones ukfast

What happens when you do something well? I would expect that the majority of us immediately want to tell others close to us and, often we’d like a pat on the back, right?

It’s only natural, and that’s why feedback is the food of champions.

Feedback is the single most important part of motivation. You can’t expect you or your team to be motivated if no one is sharing feedback.

If someone does a good job, naturally that should mean that they are applauded. Success should be celebrated!

That being said, feedback isn’t a one-way street. It shouldn’t be coming from the top down – feedback should run throughout the whole business for it to be successful. Every single person in the company should be free to share their feedback, their praise and their ideas and with that comes collaboration. Being comfortable to share ideas, feed back and work together.

UKFast is extraordinarily collaborative and I was reminded of this while thinking about a talk I gave to a team from British Cycling today. Speaking about motivation and communication got me thinking about what makes us so collaborative at UKFast.

I don’t really have the answer but I am certain that it has something to do with the incredible community that we have here. When we built the gym at UKFast Campus, I never dreamed it would be so busy, never mind that there would be a different fitness class every single day. First of all spinning class popped up, then kettlebells, then circuits and now there’s something every single day. The best part is, they’re all created and run by team members – nothing to do with the management team! And these clubs have cropped up outside of the gym too – running club, gin night, cocktail night, film night and the greatest of them all Chicken Thursday. The most exclusive club of Team UKFast, the Chicken Thursday group take it in turns to cook a chicken dinner to eat every Thursday lunchtime. They actually take applications for people to join!

These clubs are an opportunity for people from departments across the business to come together – sales, tech, accounts, DevOps – teams that normally would not mix in the working day.

This creates friendships and relationships throughout the business which naturally makes the team more collaborative. It’s incredible and something that has happened completely organically!

If there is one piece of advice that I could give you to help your business grow it’s this: encourage feedback and collaboration.

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