8 June 2017

Great MarketingWhat’s the secret of marketing? Whilst I could list the latest buzzwords or trends, I actually think that it is much more simple than that.

The secret of great marketing is great people.

All too often businesses look further afield to find their marketing edge – they start from the outside and move further away. This approach though will only take you so far. It is essential that

If you look after your people – your customers and your team – the marketing will naturally follow.

You are left with an incredible group of brand advocates who are proud to represent your business, a client base that is excited to shout about the service you’re providing for them and how you’re helping them to succeed too.

At UKFast this has been a lesson that I have learned organically. As we grew and continued to create the community and family that we have today, we noticed that people we wearing our branded tshirts when they were out and about; they were adding our brand pages to their social media; our clients were adding links to our website or later down the line engaging with us on social media to say how happy they were. That’s when I realised something.

When people are in pain it is reflex to shout out, to complain. When people are happy, they are much less likely to share that with others; it takes something really remarkable to share positive reviews and experiences.

Word of mouth is the absolute, number one most powerful marketing tool there is and the only way that you can really enjoy the benefits of great word of mouth is to really excel at looking after the people around you.

It really is that simple.

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