14 June 2017

ins on our network and more than 6,000 clients ranging from startups and SMEs to government organisations, we see cyber attacks every single day.

Unlocked cybersecurity conference at the Shard.

Unlocked cybersecurity conference at the Shard.

A few years ago, we would see one DDoS attack a year and it would be relatively small scale. Now we see them daily, if not multiple times a day. That’s why we launched our DDoSX product range to help people stay online when malicious traffic floods in. Equally, these attacks are growing in magnitude; last year the biggest DDoS attack of its kind knocked swathes of the internet offline including The Guardian, Netflix and Twitter.

From small-scale ransomware lockouts to huge DDoS attacks, there are constantly evolving threats and it’s our job to keep up with them. We saw just how important it is to keep up to date with the latest threats with the NHS ransomware episode where one clicked link brought down swathes of the NHS network and knocked out hospitals for hours. Their outdated software had a gaping hole that cybercriminals made the most of.

I have been in the capital for London Tech Week since Monday and at our latest Unlocked event at the Shard in London earlier today, I was asked how important cybersecurity is. It is the most important thing on the business agenda right now.

Think about it, would you ever leave your office or shop without a front door, shutters, an alarm system or locks, would you? So why would you leave your data unprotected?

The UKFast Tour Bus visiting the Queen

The UKFast Tour Bus visiting the Queen

We have always been committed to securing the internet for our clients – we were one of the first businesses to offer firewalls at a loss. It is more important to secure our network and protect our clients rather than using firewalls to make a profit.

Now, as the internet evolves, we’re growing our cybersecurity business Secarma and in the past year we acquired Pentest. With the acquisition of Pentest, we added 50 ethical hackers to the team. Even with that addition, I think we will need more in years, if not months, to come, such is the demand for their services. These guys hack into your systems – as a hacker would – but rather than using it for their personal gain, they help businesses to patch their holes to keep hackers out.

It’s extraordinary really. When you think about it, when UKFast first started I don’t think we have even heard of ethical hackers. Now, the internet is so sophisticated, it is an absolute must to have these people on hand to help keep your data secure.

Regardless of whether you are an predominantly digital business or not, you will be storing data on behalf of your clients and it is your duty to ensure that you are protecting that – not handing it out to other people on the internet.

Seeing so many people attend the Unlocked cybersecurity conference at the Shard, was incredibly encouraging. Those people were there to learn more about how to protect their businesses. Education and collaboration are the first steps to securing the internet.

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