26 June 2017

Laura MassaroWhat does it take to become a world champion or a world-leading business?

There is one thing that takes you from one of the best to the world’s best: belief. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. It is as simple as that.

How did you get dressed this morning? How did you choose what to wear? How did you get to work? You do these simple tasks without even thinking about it because you know – you believe – that you can achieve them.

Everything starts with a single thought. From what you wear to what you’re going to achieve.

Imagine if you thought about every goal you set in the same way you do about getting dressed!

Working with sporting stars like squash champion Laura Massaro it is easy to see these theories being put into practice.

Laura joined me for our town hall meeting in front of the whole UKFast team recently to talk about goals.

The idea of a ‘town hall’ meeting for our entire team started when, after a tour of Google’s HQ in London some years ago, I asked then managing director Dan Cobley: “How do you update the whole company and keep everyone informed and motivated?”

UKFast was growing rapidly and I knew we needed a better way to communicate across all the departments.

Dan replied: “Once a week I stand on the table in the restaurant area and shout out to the company any news we have.”

There were around a hundred in the company when we first adopted the idea; we now have getting on towards 400, four years later!

JB, our managing director, stands up in our purpose-built auditorium and highlights all the great things the team are doing every week: the exams people pass, new starters, the superstars, awards…. any great news. And there’s always plenty of great news!

Last week, we brought out Laura as our surprise guest. As a professional squash legend who recently won the Dubai Classic a few weekends ago it was perfect timing for her to share her tips with the team – how to go from ‘one of the best’ to ‘THE best’.

Laura shared her story and some of the secrets that make her the amazing success and athlete she is. She’s an incredible role model and bringing in such a tremendous character really is an inspiration for the whole team.

And ultimately, on top of training, knowledge etc, it all comes back to belief.

Consider Leicester football club for example – do you think they would have achieved the extraordinary in winning the Premier League if they hadn’t gone into those last few games with the unshakeable belief that they would win it?

Would Laura Massaro have so many wins to her name if she didn’t believe that she would win every single time she stepped out onto the squash court?

In business it is the same. If you set the goal and you believe that it is achievable, it is! Why can’t you be the next world-leading ecommerce site? Or the next Bill Gates?

Set these massive goals and set smaller ones along the way – stepping stones to conquering your Everest. Most of all, believe that you can do it!

Belief drives you, keeps you motivated and helps you to stay on the path to hitting your goals.

I’d love to hear how you get on.

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