14 July 2017

"A team that works together gets to the top much faster" Lawrence Jones MBE

A trip to Snowdon with new team members from a few years back.

Have you ever looked up a job candidate on social media ahead of a recruitment interview? That could soon be illegal under EU law in the future.

An EU data protection working party has ruled that employers should require “legal grounds” before snooping, tied into the introduction of the GDPR.

For me, regardless of the new law, it doesn’t make sense to look someone up, much the same as I don’t rely on CVs when choosing new employees for the team.

Meeting face-to-face is absolutely essential, it’s the only way to get a real feel for the person and their values.

Everybody filters themselves online –can you honestly say that your Instagram profile truly reflects every aspect of you as a person, both personally and professionally?

It’s a real challenge for recruiters. We’ve found that people can interview incredibly well but does that mean that they are right for the role? Not always! Often people may have been trained to interview well, have researched what you want to hear or are putting on a persona. It’s for this exact reason that we have a rigorous recruitment process at UKFast.

We hold assessment days with team activities and individual interviews. We also carry out psychometric testing which pulls together a person’s ‘profile’ to give us an idea of how they learn, how they are motivated and how they would fit into the team alongside their potential colleagues. It’s an absolutely essential recruitment tool and something that helps us to really get to know someone.

Ultimately when making such an important decisions you need the unedited version. Personal core values are never properly shown through a public platform – take them for a hike up Snowdon or somewhere out of their comfort zone and you will soon get to know one another and how they fit within the team.

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