21 July 2017

entrepreneurial lemonade stall girl given a fineWhat’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard today?

For me, it was hearing an entrepreneruial five-year-old girl received a fine for her lemonade stand. How absurd.

The little girl had set up a stall selling 50p cups of lemonade in east London.  But, not long after setting up, four enforcement officers approached the stall. They switched on their mobile camera and issued a £150 fine to the girl’s father. The council fined them for not having a trading license.

This young lady has shown an entrepreneurial spark so she should be rewarded!

She could well grow up to be the next Richard Branson or Karren Brady. I worry she won’t have the confidence to continue after such harsh measures from the council.

In response to the BBC article Tower Hamlets Council said that they cancelled the fine. They said they expect their “enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly”.

Children have this wonderful ability to see the world differently; to dream big. They see that anything is possible. Unfortunately, that’s something that is beaten out of us as we grow into adults. As we grow older, we become confined in ‘the box’ and have to be encouraged to think outside of it.

Children have this wonderful ability to see the world differently; to dream big.

This little girl has taken a brave step to set out her stall and make a bit of pocket money. Instead those four enforcement officers terrified her, making her feel like she’d done something wrong. When did we lose track of what’s really important?

Equally, it comes down to the people that we put into these positions of power. Effectively these people are leaders; they’re setting an example to others. Real leaders encourage others, are supportive and often hesitant to criticise or hand out ‘punishments’.

Imagine the outcome had the officers instead bought a cup of lemonade, thanked the young lady and had a quiet word with her father to explain the rules about having licenses.

I truly hope that the little girl’s father shows her the level of support she is receiving on social media. And that the support encourages her to carry on with her natural entrepreneurial spark.


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