25 July 2017

UKFast graduate schemeWhat’s the next step on your journey?

I firmly believe that our lives are made up of stepping stones, both personally and professionally.

Whenever I am on holiday I make sure to take the time to look at where we are up to on our path. I also look at what the next stepping stones may be.

Sometimes, though, we don’t realise what a stepping stone is until many years later. I remember when I first sold my music business back in the late 90s. Back then I had wondered what my next step would be. Now, I can clearly see that that was a stepping stone to UKFast. The lessons I learned setting up and growing the Music Design Company, and ultimately selling it to Granada, stood me in incredible stead when we came to grow UKFast into the business that it is today.

Stepping stones

Whilst I very much learned on the job and reached these milestones that way, it’s not the way that every person finds their path. Many young people choose to continue their education at university and beyond. Students in Manchester are this week reaching one of the biggest stepping stones of their lives so far: graduation.

The team were out in force at Manchester Metropolitan University to celebrate with the new graduates, following the announcement of our new graduate scheme last week and our continued commitment to working with the city’s higher education organisations. We had a string quartet and prosecco on tap to add something extra to the graduates’ day.

Graduation is a huge moment in a young person’s life and while it is not a path that I took or that everyone should take, it is certainly a huge achievement to be celebrated.

It’s also important for the city’s businesses to do all that they can to support these graduates. They’re now looking to find the next step in their career. They have committed a huge amount of time, effort and money into these qualifications. Really, it’s up to us to reward that with roles that deliver continued development and growth. I  have an exciting announcement to make tomorrow about our commitment to these graduates.

Congratulations to those of you who have graduated recently and good luck in your journey. If you’d like to join our graduate scheme, apply here.


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