26 July 2017

graduates scheme at UKFastGraduation is an incredibly proud moment for young people. But the reality is that after university these graduates are coming out in the real world of work, looking for roles in an increasingly competitive jobs markets and they’re in a huge amount of debt.

It doesn’t seem fair that spending three years or more to better equip yourself for a career, leaves you with the burden of tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt. Since launching our recruitment push for 50 grads, I’ve heard so many students saying that debt is their number one concern leaving university. It’s just not right.

That’s why I am incredibly proud to launch GradCASH – our new initiative to help reduce student debt for local graduates.

When you think about it, these graduates are the first to be hit by triple fees. It’s extortionate. No-one should have to be so far on the back foot when starting their working life. It’s hard enough trying to get onto the property ladder.

This graduate scheme gives young people the opportunity to pay £2000 directly off their student loans, on top of their salaries and the other benefits the come with working for UKFast.

Committment to Manchester

Manchester is a special city. I’ve been working closely with leaders like Sir Richard Leese, Joanne Roney and Andy Burnham. Their passion give me the confidence to continue to expand in Manchester.

I am proud to be able to make a difference and demonstrate our commitment to the Greater Manchester community. To cement our focus on education in the region. Consequently, we’re committed to the young people who are making Manchester their home, just like I did when I moved over here 30 years ago.

If you’re graduating and looking for your next steps, come and meet us. See for yourself what we’re offering and if that’s a good fit for you. One thing I can promise is that you will never stop learning and growing if you join the UKFast team.

Find out more on the UKFast website. I look forward to meeting you.


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