31 July 2017

As the father of four beautiful girls I work hard to build a world around them that shows them they are capable of anything and everything.

I am lucky to be working with Laura Massaro, World Champion squash player, who embodies a level of strength and commitment to her cause that is pure inspiration. And to top it all, I’m married to an amazing woman who without our partnership, I’d never have achieved even a fraction of my accolades.

Michelle Obama described her marriage as a partnership where both she and Barack are stronger together than they’d be separately. The sum of Gail and myself is undoubtedly magnified, and one plus one ended up in our case equalling four.

Kevin Myers Sacked From Sunday Times

Kevin Myers Sacked From Sunday Times

So, in a modern world where we hear that even the BBC can’t seem to create a level playing field when it comes to equal pay, we ask ourselves how is this possible? Most of us are bewildered and like to think it’s happened by accident and it’s something easily rectified.

And then in walks Kevin Myers. A man who I am ashamed to be associated with, even with the slightest connection of us both being male. I’d like to hope this is were the similarities end. Not only belittling womankind, he managed to publish an extraordinary article in the Sunday Times that also insulted every Jewish person on the planet with anti-Semitic broad brush comments.

“Sorry ladies – equal pay has to be earned.” Kevin Myers

There is a definite style of content that sells papers and, sadly, the media encourage a certain type of ‘edgy’ content that goes very near the knuckle far too often. And when they cross the line, in spite of profiting from the extra clicks and viewers, they merely apologise for their writer’s behaviour and, in this case, cut the journalist. There is no recourse.

Kevin Myers Anti-Semetic Comments finally lead to his demise

Kevin Myers Anti-Semetic Comments finally lead to his demise

The Sunday Times is at fault here for giving misogynists and imbeciles columns to write in the first place. I can’t help thinking that if you remove all talk of differences with gender and race, the next generation of kids coming through would reorganise everything very easily.

Children don’t organise each other in terms of net worth and value, this happens when they grow into the workplace. Kids play happily regardless of race, religion, gender or anything other difference.

What is positive to see is the speed in which people come to the rescue on social media. Myers had made similar comments a decade ago,but nowadays with the instant effect of social media, the overwhelming sentiment of the nation is visible immediately.

It’s positive to see the power that people had on the Sunday Times as an organisation.

Sorry Ladies - equal pay has to be earned

“Sorry ladies – equal pay has to be earned.”

This can only happen though if you have an imbalance in your boardroom or at senior level. If you have a balance of educated, passionate, fair people and a balance of equality, I am confident poor decisions like allowing Kevin Myers to remain a journalist after his first column would be a thing of the past.

And whilst Myers achieved today what he set out to – that everyone is talking about him, that he is centre of attention -he is very soon to be yesterday’s news. Tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. And then, simply rubbish.

Good riddance.

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