14 August 2017

anonymous standing out against racismIt’s safe to say that hackers have a bad reputation, but what about when they use their skills to make a point for good?

It’s interesting to see Anonymous targeting the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists in the US following abhorrent events in Charlottesville. People claiming to be part of the group launched a campaign under the banner of #OpDomesticTerrorism taking neo-nazi sites offline. They previously leaked personal details of KKK members in 2015.

Isn’t it ironic that despite their name, Anonymous is now the world’s best known hacking group? There’s nothing anonymous about it! They’ve told us who they are and who’s done it!

Ultimately, when the State refuses to take a stand on such a serious issue there are going to be problems and someone will eventually take action. Clearly something needs to change in America to ensure that whilst freedom of speech is upheld, there are regulations on what can or cannot be published.

Anonymous is taking a stand

There’s no excuse for sharing hate speech, racism and the like! It seems that there has been a huge influx of this since Donald Trump took office. Many commentators have said that his campaign mobilised a segment of society with these extraordinary views.

For a leader who is so forthright with their opinions to stay so neutral on such a huge domestic issue is unbelievable. Donald Trump has a history of firing response onto social media – look at the tensions with Korea! Yet on something so close to home he had remained remarkably on the fence. He initially refused to denounce the neo-nazi sentiment of the demonstration in Charlottesville.

As a leader you have got to send a really clear signal of what you stand for. With that comes the problem of popularity. If you want to be popular there’s of course the concern of upsetting large swathes of the population. Doing nothing on social media nowadays leaves people to assume that you are potentially condoning something. As a leader it’s very important to wear your heart on your sleeve. You should live and breathe your values. The problem is that nobody truly knows what is motivating Donald Trump.

It’s great to see Anonymous taking a stand against these groups. It’s a non-violent, non-abusive way of stalling them. Removing the content, naming and shaming; albeit a temporary measure, it all goes some way to making a stand against the actions of these groups.

Hopefully we will see the President himself taking similar steps one day too.

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