18 August 2017

Lawrence Jones MBE, CEO UKFast business lessonsThis is a question I was recently asked on Twitter. It’s an interesting one, isn’t it. For me the question should be are they mistakes or business lessons?

I am certain that I could reel of a list of things that I could have done better or decisions which would have produced better outcomes. For me, I try not to look at experience as mistakes, rather seeing them as opportunities.

How do you quantify how big a mistake is or not? If you learn from it, how can it be a mistake?

Business lessons not mistakes

Looking at mistakes negatively forces us to regret our actions. It generates negativity. Ultimately, feeling regret is punishing yourself and that’s not healthy. That feeling is not going to motivate you going forward. Instead, look at what you learned from the mistake. How has it shaped you?

Of course, there are many experiences that I could list where I could have done things better – they probably crop up every week, if not every day! That’s because every single one of us is constantly learning. That’s how we grow and how we progress. But I don’t see these as mistakes; they’re small stepping stones, parts of our journey. These experiences shape us and our path.

Two of the biggest drivers of entrepreneurialism.

When I sat a psychometric test (something that everyone at UKFast has completed) b it was clear that entrepreneurialism is part of who I am. My drive was the biggest the analyst had ever seen, so was my was goal orientation. These are two of the biggest drivers of entrepreneurialism.

So, perhaps, my biggest mistake was not making the move into business earlier. I didn’t really get properly started until I was 30 years old. But, would I be where I am today had I not had the experiences in my life up until that point? If I had not headed over to New York to find my next venture back in 1998?

Hindsight is an extraordinary thing and it is up to us to choose how we respond to that.

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