1 September 2017

UKFest with the UKFast team!Every once in a while – usually on a very special occasion – the UKFast Comms team likes to sneak onto Lawrence’s blog to leave him a message. This is one of those times.

This weekend, Lawrence and Gail threw the most spectacular event for the team. I’m talking a whole weekend-long music festival with fairground rides, a petting zoo, a bar in a London bus, entertainers wandering around the site on stilts, camping, glamping, glittered faces; the list is endless!

To top it off, the weekend was headlined by chart-topper Foxes and the crescendo came with a firework display that the Trafford Centre on Bonfire Night would be envious of.

There’s something truly special about spending time with our teammates and getting to know their friends and families. Sitting by the campfire, laughing, reminiscing and winding down after the celebrations had settled down, it was clear to see what an amazing culture Lawrence and Gail have created here at UKFast.

The weekend was incredible: The perfect way to celebrate the awesome UKFast journey that we are all on together. As such, we need to say a huge thank you to Lawrence and Gail, and of course to all of the events team, the builders, and the incredible army of helpers who transformed a few fields in Bowdon into the event of the year. The team have a few messages to share with you…

Thank you. We’re all so proud to be part of UKFast.

How businesses should be run!

“What a weekend! I brought a bunch of my friends to UKFest and their eyes have been well and truly opened as to how businesses can and should be run! Words fail to express how thankful we all are to Loz, Gail and all those involved for that helped to create new memories to last a lifetime!” Liam, Tech

The perfect weekend!

“It was a fantastic weekend and great opportunity to involve the family with where I work. The kids had an amazing weekend and literally had to drag them away kicking and screaming in the end! The little touches made all the difference with the rides, entertainers walking around, the balloon man and the animal petting zoo – thanks to Loz and Gail for the perfect weekend.” Gary, Sales

millie ukfest culture business ukfast

Millie meeting the flowers and enjoying the balloons and lollipops!

I’m so grateful that my nearest and dearest get to be a part of our culture.

“My friends and family were so overwhelmed with the generosity from Lawrence and Gail and we were so impressed with the effort the entire team put into making it as amazing as it was!

“We all loved it.  The atmosphere was ace; so were the endless rides, drinks, food, laughs and activities for all.  It truly was magical.  This is the happiest I have ever been – part of the UKFast family – and I’m so grateful that my nearest and dearest get to be a part of it.

“Millie talks about Mummy’s work all the time. How it’s the best place ever and she always wants to come in to visit. She will be telling everyone in her pre-school this week how much of an amazing time she had at UKFest! We enjoyed every minute and honestly cannot wait until UKFest 2018! Thank you so much Lawrence and Gail, we had the most incredible weekend!” Charlotte, QA


“The whole weekend was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.  I think it’s safe to say that my guests were in awe that a company would do this for their staff, never mind extending it to friends and family.  My favourite part must have been just wandering around, drink in hand, seeing all the happy smiley faces and talking to people about stuff other than work.  Second best part to the weekend was definitely the petting zoo animals: who knew a mongoose was so soft and fluffy?!  Oh, also, who knew Lex could hit those high notes?!” Jon, Tech

alfie ice cream at ukfast's ukfest employee engagement event by lawrence jones mbe

Alfie getting himself an ice cream at UKFest.

We’re already planning our UKFest 2018!

“Absolutely amazing weekend!! Loved spending time with the family and there was something for absolutely everybody to enjoy. The fireworks were spectacular and rivalled some bonfire night displays I’ve been to. The family are already talking about and planning the visit for UKFest 2018!

“Alfie loved the independence to go where he wanted and get a drink/food/ice-cream. He said he felt like a grown up. Harry loved the giant bubbles and was mesmerised by them and chased them all over. (He also started to say the word ‘bubbles’ – yay!)” Jayne, People Development

How lucky we are

“Wow! What can I say…I wasn’t able to make UKFest last year so I’m comparing this year to the original UKFest six years ago and it was breath-taking! The sheer size of the event blew me away and the attention to detail was amazing! My friends and family couldn’t believe it. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to work for a great organisation – after all they don’t need to do it!” Sarah, AM

Bigger and better!

 “A huge thank you has to go out to Lawrence and Gail for creating UKFest, and managing to make it bigger and better than last year’s! Everyone I know had an amazing time and it really shows how much they care about the team. There is absolutely no other business quite like UKFast. Can’t wait for the next one!” Josh, Tech

World-classukfast ukfast lawrence jones

“What an amazing weekend at UKFest. Massive thanks to Lawrence and Gail, and everyone involved putting on the UKFast party of the year. Just when you think the festival couldn’t get any better, it’s topped with another world-class headline act, Mark Bartlem (and Foxes of course)! Roll on UKFest 2018.” David, Launch

One of my highlights of the year!

 “Just getting over the most amazing weekend at UKFest! As soon as we walked in, all the kids I had brought were in awe and literally didn’t stop smiling the whole time (until they had to go home which caused many tears!). It was an amazing way to celebrate such an exciting year at UKFast and to be able to bring all my favourite people to enjoy it with me was the icing on the cake! You could see all the hard work and passion that had gone into creating such a fantastic event as the atmosphere was electric and every corner I turned there seemed to be something else!! Just want to say a huge thank you to Gail and Lawrence for putting on such an amazing event and letting us all be a part of it! It was one of my highlights of the year!

“The only issue I have now is explaining to all the kids why they can’t come to your back garden for a festival every weekend!! Thank you again” Jess, Operations.

ukfest lawrence jones employee engagement culture

Gavin’s family enjoying the activities at UKFest.

An experience we’ll never forget

“Bouncy castles… dodgems… giant slides… owls… spiders… a snake… and that was just me! Glamping our way through the weekend, enjoying some great music with great friends was an experience all of us will never forget, big thankyou from the Taylor family.” Gavin, RnD

My family were blown away!

“What an amazing weekend! To say my friends and family were blown away with the whole concept is a complete understatement! The planning and attention to detail to make sure we all had the best time was second to none. I’ve been to a fair few festivals in my time but nothing compares to UKFest! Thank you so much Lawrence and Gail, can’t wait for next year!” Anna, AM



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