6 September 2017

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Speaking at the Resilience Direct event.

This was the question posed to me earlier today when I was proud to talk at the Resilience Direct (Cabinet Office) conference here at UKFast Campus.

The event brought together emergency services and the resilience community. The event featured a series of speakers including Dr Nigel P Brown, the Lead for Resilient ICT Strategy for the Cabinet Office and Jim Baird who works within Resilience Division at the Scottish Government.

There’s no limit to how hard you’ve got to try to be resilient

Resilience is about an attitude in your approach to life and business. There can be no limit to your resilience when it comes to business technology. This is a lesson I learned some time ago. As a result, there are things that we do in this business that will never be done anywhere else. I am sure that other global providers are very technical but I honestly believe that they don’t have the capability of doing what we are able to do.

I have been in an environment here where people have joined our network because they’ve lost everything after issues with other providers. Equally, I have been in a situation where companies have accidentally deleted data themselves. A few years ago we would send the discs away to be fixed for them, to try to recover the data.

We’ve seen instances like this steadily rising; more cyberattacks wiping data, more accidents and significantly more reliance on data in business. With this in mind, I had to take the steps to build a clean room in our data centre. Having a clean room onsite significantly reduces the time it takes from a disaster happening to the data being recovered. This in turn significantly increases the likelihood of recovering that data.

Resilience is about having capability

Resilience is also about having the capability to expand and adjust in case of emergency. This is not something you can add later; you have to add it at the beginning. It’s almost like having an insurance policy in place. You don’t know when there will be an issue or emergency; you need to have the tech ready to support it.

At UKFast, we could switch these things on at any time because we have solutions built into our infrastructure; we have Webcelerators, load balancing, DDoSX, cloud expansion and sophisticated firewalls – all so that when threats emerge, we are here to help.

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