8 September 2017

Lawrence JonesPay gap research by Computer Weekly has found that women in the tech industry are paid less than their male counterparts, regardless of the role they are in or how much experience they have.

It’s a disgrace!  As the father of four daughters, but also just as a human being, I’m appalled to see a pay gap of any sort in this day and age.

Each of the men who have made these decisions to pay themselves and other men more, should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve had or have mothers, wives, sisters. What makes them superior?

This sort of imbalance needs legislation immediately. It shouldn’t be legal.

It’s as bad as racism and any other discrimination. Companies following this path should be ashamed of themselves. Businesses should pay people doing the same roles bringing the same value to the business the same wages. It’s what’s fair.

Just Google pay gap!

It’s sad to read this research so soon off the back of the Google debacle. Google’s refusal to hand data over to the government about its wages because it’s too expensive as an admin project was outrageous. When this is to prove that they’re not underpaying women, it seems like revealing the numbers would be the obvious thing to do, no matter the cost.

Then for this news to be followed with a leaked Google memo hitting the press saying the gender pay gap is due to ‘biological differences’ is ridiculous.

As a leader in the industry across the world, Google has a responsibility to do business ethically. They set the example to others. It’s also nonsense that it’s too expensive! There’s extraordinary value in transparency in these matters, unless you have something to hide.

We’re incredibly proud to have a 0% wage gap and I know it will stay that way going forward. I honestly cannot understand why this figure is not the same across the whole industry. Isn’t the tech industry forward-thinking, creating the future? How can archaic practices still happen like this?

I hope that other businesses in the industry – particularly those at the top of the tree – will follow suit.


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