12 September 2017

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Last year’s event brought together an extraordinary panel.

I’ve had the privileged position of sitting at the heart of the internet for the past 18 years. Through UKFast I’ve seen a shift from encouraging people to get online, ecommerce starting, speeding up the internet and ensuring those same people are safe online.

Nowadays you can set up a business with an internet connection and laptop or tablet. It’s that simple. But how do you make that business a success? In an increasingly crowded and competitive market how do you get the edge?

The online marketplace of 1999 is unrecognisable nowadays! The web is constantly transforming and invariable it can be a challenge to keep up with such a fast-changing landscape.

eCommerce brings huge opportunities

Undeniably, the challenge is high, but so is the opportunity. Last year more than £133bn was spent with UK retailers online, £25bn of that was spent in the run up to Christmas. That’s £25bn in around five weeks! You can’t ignore these are figures!

AI, innovations in delivery, new ways to pay, apps and methods of personalisation are popping up seemingly every minute of the day. On top of this, sales made on smartphones were up 47% year on year for December 2016. That growth is remarkable and highlights the shift in behaviour: mobile is growing, fast!

You can quite easily become lost in the constant stream of trends and new information. Where do you begin?

For me, it’s always about speed. Never forget the foundations of a strong ecommerce business: your web presence! We learned a long time ago that speed is an essential ingredient to online success. In the same way that you don’t want to stand in a queue in a shop, you don’t want to sit waiting for a page to load when shopping online. It’s obvious, really.

Of course, there is so much more to it on top of this. For this reason, we have organised a series of events over the past couple of years to bring together ecommerce experts and help growing businesses. Ultimately, we cut through the chat and get to what creates successful businesses!

eCommerce Live 2017

The events – eCommerce Live – have been so oversubscribed that this year we’ve launched a second event. This year, we are holding an event in London as well as the core event in Manchester. On September 20th at UKFast Campus and at The Shard on September 21st, we’ll bring together the industry’s leaders to share expertise from every area of an ecommerce business.

From a customer experience perspective, eretail giant AO.com’s David Atherton takes the eCommerce Live stage. Chief technologist at HP’s Enterprise Group, David Chambers, joins us to talk about ecommerce tech. Great friend and leading ecommerce consultancy Space 48 MD Jon Woodall shares his experience from a Magento and agency point of view. Having worked for brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Better Bathrooms and Oak Furniture Land, Jon brings years of experience at the very coal face of eCommerce. I am proud to join the line-up sharing my experiences of eCommerce hosting for the past 18 years.

I hope to see you there. There are limited spaces at the events, so register here.


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