18 September 2017

coffee monday motivation

There’s more to Monday motivation than a cup of coffee!

There’s a reason that #MondayMotivation trends at the start of the week, every week. Sometimes we need a little boost to head into the week on the right foot after the weekend. I’ve learned over the years that more often than not, if you need a real boost on a Monday, something needs to change. With that in mind, here are six ways to set your week off to a good start…

Set a goal

There’s nothing more motivating than having a goal to work towards. When I am feeling tired or pressured, I drill down the list of priorities and look at what I need to achieve that week. I set a goal to complete these tasks and that goal puts everything into perspective, I know what I need to do to get there and it’s easier to get stuck in! It may sound simple, but physically crossing items off a list can also be hugely motivating, so get writing your tasks down and ticking them off!


Take a look at what you achieved last week and celebrate that. Have a nice lunch, have a treat; however you celebrate, make sure that you acknowledge your achievements. It’s easy to become bogged down in a never-ending to-do list and forget how much you have actually achieved along the way. Take a moment at the start of the day to look at your successes from last week, choose five things you’re proud of and write them down. Make this a part of your routine and soon it will become part of your motivation.

Get organised

Even the most motivated characters can be demotivated by a never-ending to-do list. Repeated from above. There’s nothing worse than starting the week with a huge task list and not knowing where to start.

In the same way that I set my goals, I always kickstart every week with a whiteboard session to plot out the priorities for the week. This becomes the path for the day and I have my favourite jobs to look forward to, rather than looking at a daunting list and dreading starting it.

Be grateful

When Monday morning melancholy sets it, stop it in its tracks! Look around you. Look at your home, your life, your friends and family. There is always something to be grateful for. Invariably making this list of things you’re grateful for shifts your perspective. A change in perspective is often all you need to turn something that is demotivating into something that brings you energy.

Find your reason

Why do you go into work every day? What are you working towards? We all have a reason to go into work every day, whether that’s to build an incredible career, to provide for our families or simply to earn enough money to have awesome weekends and holidays.

Plan a holiday

Invariably, if you are feeling low on a Monday it’s because something needs to change. You’re on the edge of burning out or you’ve lost your passion. I used to be proud of the fact that I had not taken a holiday for nearly a decade until someone pointed out just how counter-intuitive that actually is. You need time away to refresh. With a change of scenery, you’re able to step back and see things more clearly. Plus, travel is inspiring! I am always full of new ideas and raring to get back after a holiday. And, in the meantime, it gives you something to look forward to while you solve whatever is causing Monday blues.

I’d love to hear your tips for motivation in the comments below.

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