21 September 2017

UKFast Campus, workplace

UKFast Campus – Manchester’s best workplace – has become a landmark in the city!

I am often asked why we commit so much time and energy to creating the unique workplace that we have at our UKFast Campus.

To traditional business minds, having a gym, crèche, steam room, two-storey slide, sleeping pods and the like makes no sense. To us, it makes perfect sense.

We’ve committed to designing an environment that’s not 100% office space. We’ve got 65% office and 35% recreational space. It’s working really well and I wouldn’t want to break that when we expand into the new space across the car park.

Working full time, no one can concentrate and be at the top of their game for the full day – it’s not possible. So why would we not create an awesome gym where they can work out and get their energy going, or sleeping pods where they can catch some extra rest if they’re tired. People need space around them too. I carefully measure the distance between each desk to ensure that everyone has enough room. We custom built the desks at UKFast Campus to ensure that they were the exact size we need for people to feel that they had enough space but were close enough to their colleagues.

Great workplace! the slide at UKFast Campus!

The slide at UKFast Campus!

It’s all about creating a workplace for work-life balance

It shouldn’t be hard to fit exercise into your week. Here we make it as easy as possible with lunchtime yoga or gym classes and free access. We also have fully funded football and netball teams. There’s no denying that physical activity not only increases health and fitness, it creates highly motivated people as well. This is energy that is put straight back into the business.

When you really think about it, businesses rely on great relationships. And people thrive when they’re happy. Whilst it may seem a little ‘outside the box’, we’re just creating a space where people can spend time with one another. A space where they can have fun and be happy.

We spend a third of our time at work, why wouldn’t we make that as fun as possible?

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