26 September 2017

perspective - Lawrence-in-studio - balance, funding at the right time is essentialIsn’t it incredible how your feelings can completely change toward something if you just look at differently? With a change in perspective, it’s incredibly easy to turn something demotivating into something that gives you great energy.

By the same token, it is easy to change your opinion and knowledge of something when presented with a different set of facts to what you already know.

I listened to an interesting TEDtalk recently about fake news and how we are actually limiting our knowledge because of the technology we have around us. We’ve all heard about the ‘Fake News Phenomenon’ especially when it comes to the American president, and it got my thinking about what that means in business.

Nowadays, despite having almost infinite access to information across the world, because we’re able to tailor it so much, we’re actually massively limiting the amount and variety of information we come across.

It’s all about perspective

In his TEDtalk, Michael Patrick Lynch describes this as ‘knowledge polarisation’. We’re tailoring the information that we receive through news sites, through the social media accounts that we follow and the websites that we visit so you might consume completely different information to your neighbour. Our information consumption has become so tailored that there isn’t really a ‘common reality’ anymore. Lynch says: “We think we know so much more but we can’t actually agree on what we do know anymore.”

We all know different facts and we all stay within those bubbles. But why?

Surely in a world where we have the freedom to share and absorb so much information, we would be more open than ever to new ideas, angles and thoughts?

We surround ourselves with like-minded people

In business this is true too. We can all be guilty of surrounding ourselves with like-minded people. This massively limits our information and the way we think about the world and business.

More than a decade ago, I began what you could call a journey of discovery. I wanted to find out more from anyone and everyone, especially those at the top of their game. I wanted to broaden my view of the world.

This journey introduced me to Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Chet Holmes, Jim Collins, Laura Massaro and Sir Alex Ferguson. The list is extraordinary. Every single person on there has a different perspective of the world and each has taught me something new. I approach certain things very differently now. Gail and I have learned about the importance of goal setting. We’ve adopted new ways of management and discovered the absolute power of exercise on your overall wellbeing.

Ultimately everyone sees the world differently and it is so important to embrace that and learn from one another!

How have you changed your perspective?


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